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Our 6 varieties of Rapé


Our 6 varieties of Rapé Nukini Main image
  • Intensity: 3/3
  • Ingredientstes: Mapacho, Tsunu ash (Platycyamus regnelli), Shuané, Haianí
  • Effect: Nukini is characterized by its cassis-like aroma and strengthens the masculine energy flows in the body. The effect is strongly grounding, helps to reduce stress and achieve clarity.


Rapé Yawanawa main photo
  • Intensity: 3/3
  • Ingredients: Mapacho, Tsunu ash (Platycyamus regnelli) and other unfortunately secret ingredients
  • Effect: Yawanawa’s fragrance is earthy and slightly floral to wild. It strengthens the feminine energy flows in the body and has an awakening, purifying and cleansing effect.

Rapé Kuntanawa main picture
  • Intensity: 3/3
  • Ingredients: Mapacho, Tsunu ash (Platycyamus regnelli), Nixpu
  • Effect: Nixpu is a long pepper plant that helps the body to warm itself and keep warm in cold times. Stimulates the heart region and calms the mind.

Rapé Awiry main picture
  • Intensity: 1/3
  • Ingredients: Unfermented Awiry plant. Awiry is a wild-growing tobacco plant with the special feature that it contains no nicotine.
  • Effect: This green rapé has a floral taste and is very smooth – making Awiry the ideal choice for beginners. Has an opening effect.


Rapé Guaratuaba main picture
  • Intensity: 3/3
  • Ingredients: Mapacho, Tsunu ash (Platycyamus regnelli), Guarana extract, Catuaba extract
  • Effect: Guarana and catuaba are plants that contain caffeine, which gives them a stimulating effect – similar to coffee, but without putting a strain on the heart.

Rapé Ayo main picture
  • Intensity: 3/3
  • Ingredients: Mapacho, Parika ash, Yopo, Ayahuasca ash (Banisteriopsis Caapi)
  • Effect: The fragrance is earthy with a rainforest note. The effect is visionary and slightly psychedelic. Harmonizes with creative activities.


What is Rapé?

Origin Rapé is an incense mixture traditionally used by the indigenous communities of South America. It consists of a mixture of mapacho and various medicinal plants and herbs, which are processed into a fine powder. The exact origin of rapé is not known, as it has been used by indigenous communities for centuries. However, the

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